PARIS collaboration meeting

during SPIRAL2 Week

Monday, 16.11.2007,16:30 – 18:30

Tuesday, 17.11.2007. 9:30 – 11:00

Caen, (Atelier du Pιrier, Congress Center)


Agenda and presentations


1. Introduction (Status of PARIS, Presentation for SAC, PARIS and SPIRAL2_PP@FP7): A. Maj - Krakow (10’)

2. Working group leaders presentations:

a) Simulations:

PARIS work-package, Results on spherical geometry: Ch. Schmidt - Lyon (20')

Results on cubic geometry: M. Kmiecik – Krakow (10’)


b) Detectors and electronics WG:

Results from testing small  LaBr3 in Milan: Angela Bracco - Milan (10')

Testing APDs : O. Dorvaux – Strassbourg (5’)


c) Calorimeter scenarios:

Status of the work in York: D. Jenkins - York (10’)


d) Financial issues

New funding possibilities: J.P. Wieleczko – GANIL (10’)


3.  News from Sain-Gobain:  A. Iltis – St. Gobain (10’)


4. New physics cases for PARIS:

a) Intermediate energy fragmentation exp. in GANIL:  Z. Dombradi - Debrecen (5')

b) Relativistic Coulex at HISPEC@FAIR:  P. Bednarczyk - Krakow (5')

c) Normal Coulex with PARIS: P. Napiσrkowski - Warsaw (5’)

c) Astrophysical studies: S. Harissopulos - Athens (5’)




5. General discussion (see Minutes) (30’) on:

 Interacton with St. Gobain, how to decide on further steps: geometry of the PARIS demonstrator, double-shells vs. single-shell, spherical vs. cubic geometry, PM tubes vs. APDs, …

(conv. D. Jenkins)


If time permits:

6. Information from PSC (PARIS Steering Committee): F. Azaiez - Orsay (5’)

5. Choice of the date and place of the  next collaboration meeting (York, UK, May 2008)

7. AOB

8. Conclusions – A. Maj, D. Jenkins, F. Azaiez

9. PARIS and High Resolution gamma-Spectroscopy (A. Maj)